Silvia Perez-Lluch


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    Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

Silvia Perez-Lluch is a staff scientist at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain. She obtained her PhD and did her postdoc at Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona, where she was developing and applying ChIPseq technology (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation followed by Next Generation Sequencing). Her scientific methods lie in the field of bioinformatics and genomics. Her research revolves around understanding the intricate mechanisms governing gene expression and regulation, particularly in relation to crucial processes such as cell division and differentiation. Silvia’s expertise lies in investigating the impact of chromatin structure and epigenetic modifications on gene expression, employing advanced techniques such as CHiP and RNA sequencing, and conducting thorough data analysis to unravel key insights in this field.