A platform to share expertise in the field of Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and general bioinformatics.

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Once upon a time, when druids were stitching ropes with the DNA in the forests of Britannia, when Frankonian wizards were boiling DNA and making healing potions from the decoctions, and when the Vikings were sequencing dinosaurs, deep in the mountains of Vysoké Tatry, wiedźmini decided to reunite in a free society of sorcerers to share the wisdom of the bioinformatic magic with the most talented apprentices. They called it NGSchool.

Epics of Eastern, Central and Balkan Slavs, IX century, Great Moravia


NGSchool Society

NGSchool Society aims to disseminate bioinformatics knowledge and skills necessary to perform state-of-the-art data analysis from sequencing experiments.

Our goal is to help advance research and industry sectors in this particular field, ensuring further progress of associated areas.

To achieve this goal, we have been organizing an annual summer school since 2016. We provide intensive training on theoretical concepts, hands-on workshops, as well as hackathons. This way, our summer school contributes to the development of participants and improvement of research excellence in their home institutions.

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Our mission


Our mission is to train skilled bioinformticians to help advance the research and industry


We believe that extensive network of computational biologists will promote collaboration and enable faster scientific growth


We know how important the public engagement is, and that’s why we invest in promoting science


We intensify our actions in the V4+ region to help fortify bioinformatics and support still growing scientific communities

We believe in open science.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Prior experience in Bioinformatics is not necessary, but strong motivation is desired. Our community means everything to us, therefore our past contributors are warmly welcomed to all NGSchool events as guests.

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