What is #NGSchool?

#NGSchool (Next Generation School) is a project / platform to share the expertise in the field of Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and general Bioinformatics. Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis, our flagship annual event, connects experts and students / early stage researchers from these fields, in order to exchange their expertise and learn one from other (read more about all events). 

Currently we're working on #NGSchool2018 that will focus on Personalised medicine & single-molecule sequencing. In addition, for the first time we'll organise hackatons (Single-molecule sequencing: from sample to results) and co-organise two sattelites meetings: `Nuclear landscapes` and `Data mining & machine learning`. 

Areas of interest

We select topics of interest for each event. Below you can find rather inclusive lists of our interests: 

  • personalised medicine & single-molecule sequencing (#NGSchool2018)
  • single-cell sequencing (#NGSchool2017)
  • working with Linux and command-line
  • general NGS data handling
    • data formats (FastQ, SAM, BAM, VCF)
    • Quality Control
  • de novo genome & transcriptome assembly
    • dealing with heterozygous/polyploid genomes
  • gene prediction and functional annotation
  • detection of SNPs & SVs (deletions, duplications, inversions, translocations)
    • prediction of functional effects of detected variants
  • RNA-Seq & differential expression analyses
    • single-cell RNA-Seq
  • bisulphite sequencing, ChIP-Seq & Hi-C data analysis
  • chromarin structure and genome organisation
  • GWAS & integration of molecular data
  • applications of NGS in biomedicine & industry
    • personalised medicine
    • prenatal testing
    • forensic genomics
  • statistics and machine learning
  • programming
    • algorithms in Bioinformatics

Workshop materials

You can find materials from previous editions here

Social activities

We put a lot of effort to make #NGSchool not only useful, but also very social. Every year, we organise set of social events, including BBQ nights, movie & music nights, hiking in High Tatras and sightseeing (ie. ŁomnicaStrbske Pleso, Poprad). So, beside hard working, we try to have lots of fun. Definitely check our photos from last editions! 


Can I join this project?

We belive in #OpenScience, so everyone is welcome to participate! People having no prior experience with Bioinformatics are welcome, but strong motivation and intense preparation prior to the event is desired! 

Sign-in for our mailing list if you are interested in next edition of #NGSchool. If you wish to contribute as speaker / partner / sponsor (our sponsor packages), join this group or contact us directly.  

How much does it cost?

Real cost of #NGSchool oscilates around €500-€600 per participant. We try to keep the registration fee as low as possible in order to accommodate participants from less developed countries and/or poorer regions. Every year, we do our bests to find external funding.

Due to last moment cancellations of some #NGSchool2017 participants, we discontinue free-of-charge. We'll ask for symbolic registration fee, just to make sure that applicants are serious about attending.

  • In 2016 we've received generous support for #NGSchool2016 from International Visegrad Fund, reducing registration fee to €50 and providing full boarding and travel grants (up to €100) to all participants.
  • In 2017, we've received the grant from International Visegrad Fund again, so the registration for #NGSchool2017 covering accommodation and full boarding was free of charge. In addition, thanks to partnership with Polish Bioinformatics Society we have received support from Ministry of Science and Higher Education RP to invite keynote speakers. 
  • We'll apply for Visegrad+ Grant for #NGSchool2018. Reach us if you happen to work in Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) or Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). In addition, we're looking for commercial supporters.