Jacek Marzec

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Jacek Marzec
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University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research
305 Grattan Street
Level 10, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Parkville VIC 3000


2018 – present      Bioinformatician, UMCCR, Melbourne, Australia

2016 – 2018          Bioinformatician, BCI (Bioinformatics Unit), London, UK

2012 – 2016          PhD in Bioinformatics, BCI (Bioinformatics Unit), London, UK

2009 – 2012          Bioinformatician/Data Manager, BCI (Centre for Haemato-OncologyCentre for Molecular Oncology), London, UK

2008 – 2009          MSc in Applied Bioinformatics, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK

2007 – 2008          BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK

2004 – 2007          BSc in Biotechnology, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland


I have PhD in Bioinformatics with background in Biotechnology and Cellular and Molecular Biology. Currently, I am a member of the Bioinformatics group within University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research (UMCCR) in Melbourne.

My primary role is to develop bioinformatics pipelines for analysing RNA-seq data and integrating in-house data with publicly available genome-scale data from large cohorts of patients, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), to facilitate classification of pancreatic cancer patients into established molecular taxonomies.

During my PhD project I have designed a bioinformatics framework for analysing and integrating cancer data generated across different types of microarray and NGS platforms.