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Erik Zhivkoplias
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Uppsala University



08/2018–Present, Bioinformatics, Master of Science. Uppsala, Sweden

  • Just started!

09/2013–07/2017, Cell and Molecular Biology, Bachelor of Science. St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

  • Core Courses: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Histology, Immunology, Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Further Mathematics, Physics.

09/2015–09/2016, Bioinformatics for Biologists track, Certificate of Achievement. Bioinformatics Institute, Russia.

  • Core Courses: Bioinformatics, Python and R programming languages, Discrete mathematics, Statistics, Molecular phylogeny.



08/2017–08/2018, Postbac fellow researcher. Laboratory of viral diseases (PI: Prof. Bernard Moss), NIAID, NIH.

  • Postbac research project: "Emergence of Compensating RNA Polymerase Mutations During VACV Passage". Main activities: Molecular biology techniques, Microscopy, Bioinformatics analysis, Scientific presentations.


06/2017–08/2017, Summer scholar. Dr. Julia Zeitlinger lab, Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

  • Summer research topic: "ChIP-next: Developing novel low-input single-nucleotide resolution ChIP technique". Main activities: Molecular biology techniques, Cell culturing, Scientific presentations.


10/2016–02/2017, Intern. Prof. Alexander Dityatev lab, DZNE (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases).…

  • Internship project: "ECM proteins and synaptic plasticity". Main activities: Molecular biology techniques, Cell culturing.


10/2015–10/2016, Research assistant. Prof. Konstantin Severinov lab, Institute of Nanobiotechnologies, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

  • Bachelor thesis: "Non-canonical multisubunit RNA polymerases encoded by the phiKZ phage". Main activities: Molecular biology techniques, Bioinformatics analysis, Scientific presentations.


09/2015–05/2016, Student bioinformatician. Research Division, Bioinformatics Institute (PI: Dr. Alexander Predeus).

  • Student research topic: "The optimal cell basis for transcriptome assembly". Main activities: Bioinformatics analysis, Scientific presentations.