NGSchool Society

non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting science

Why establishing the Society?

To regulate formal aspects of our activity, we established NGSchool Society in late 2018. As a Society, it’s easier for us to foster long lasting partnerships with scientific institutions and industry, invite experts in relevant topics to our events and improve based on feedback from events’ participants.

Our organization’s aim is to support science, with emphasis on computational biology and to strengthen the bioinformatics community. We organise training events, disseminate valuable resources like video-recordings and tutorials and much more. To learn about our work check-out the info about our ongoing and past projects. For fiscal information (like Tax ID and Bank Account Number) see here.

NGSchool - Summer School in Bioinformatics

Our flagship project - a cutting-edge affordable training that aims to equip young researchers with the necessary skills to eventually take the lead in the field.

NGSymposium - Conference in Computational Biology

Conference bringing bioinformaticians to showcase their research and discuss their projects with potential international collaborators.

We are open to new collaboration

We collaborate and support local communities, for example by holding tailored workshops and tutorials. Let us know if you want to collaborate!

Our mission


Our mission is to train skilled bioinformticians to help advance the research and industry


We believe that extensive network of computational biologists will promote collaboration and enable faster scientific growth


We know how important the public engagement is, and that’s why we invest in promoting science


We intensify our actions in the V4+ region to help fortify bioinformatics and support still growing scientific communities

We believe in open science.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Prior experience in Bioinformatics is not necessary, but strong motivation is desired. Our community means everything to us, therefore our past contributors are warmly welcomed to all NGSchool events as guests.

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