Wouldn't reproducible and scalable computation pipelines make your life easier? Let's give it a try and learn Nextflow with Edgar Garriga!

Join us on Thursday, 23th July 2020 at 4 PM CET on YouTube or Discord!

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Be prepared for the practical part of workshop.
You will need:

  • Unix-like OS (Linux, macOS, etc.)
  • Java 8 or later
  • Docker engine 1.10.x (or later)
  • Singularity 2.5.x (or later, optional)
  • Conda 4.5 (or later, optional)
  • Graphviz (optional)

Optional software is not necessary, but you are welcome to install it, because Edgar will show how to use some of it.

Speaker: Edgar Garriga

Edgar Garriga - PhD student in the Comparative Bioinformatics group at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain. Edgar is working on development of regressive algorithms for multiple sequence alignments, for which he is also implementing nextflow modules. Apart from bioinformatics, he is doing a lot of humanitarian work, including (but not limited to) being a Search and Rescue volunteer with NGOs helping refugees in Greece and Libya.

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