Do you remember that 5 years passed since 1st NGSchool?

We do! And to celebrate this occasion we are organizing NGSchool Alumni Photo/Video Challenge 2020.

What should you do to take part?

It's easy. Just go down the memory lane to the days when you participated in NGSchool and find the best memories you have from that time. Then, search the memory of your computer or mobile phone and find the best photos or videos from NGSchool. Finally, send them to us through the form here together with your story to share it with NGSchool Community. There will be a prize for the best submission(s). Don't forget the deadline: 4th July 2020! Read the rules below before you submit your materials.

Rules and Regulations of NGSchool Alumni Photo/Video Challenge 2020

  1. NGSchool Alumni Photo/Video Challenge 2020 (later named also as the contest) is organized by NGSchool Society to celebrate the 5th anniversary of NGSchool.
  2. The contest is directed only at NGSchool Alumni (participants), teachers and organizers.
  3. Each submission should contain:
    1. Video (30-60s long, not exceeding 100 MB) or series of up to 5 photos (not exceeding 10 MB each) the contest participant has taken during NGSchool.
    2. A story related to submitted video/photo(s) in the form of either video with the participant telling the story (30-60s long, not exceeding 100 MB) or text (up to 1500 characters).
  4. Applications to NGSchool Alumni Photo/Video Challenge 2020 are submitted only through the Google form provided by the organizer. Due to service provider (Google) security policies regarding file upload through form, the participants should be logged in to Google account in order to upload files.
  5. Submissions deadline is 4th July 2020.
  6. Each person can send at most 2 submissions.
  7. Submissions with illegal, offensive and discriminatory content will be disqualified.
  8. Applications will be evaluated by the Jury appointed by the NGSchool Society Board and the best one(s) will get a prize.
  9. The members of the Jury and the NGSchool Society Board could not take part in the contest.
  10. Submitting your material to the contest is equal to giving NGSchool Society non-exclusive licence to using and publishing them freely, with or without modification in order to realise NGSchool Society statutory purposes.