Vishma Pratap Sur


  • Events:
    NGSymposium2022, NGSchool2023
  • Role:
    organizer, participant
  • Affiliation:
    Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic


As a postdoctoral researcher in Komrskova Lab at the Institute of Biotechnology (IBT), Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), I mostly work with cancer metabolism, genetic regulation, and high-resolution image analysis. My research involves studying how cancer cells produce energy and use nutrients to support their growth and survival, identifying genes that are critical for cancer cell growth and survival, and analyzing images of cells and tissues at a very high level of detail to identify changes in cellular structures and functions that may be indicative of cancer.

I also use MD simulation, drug screening, protein-membrane dynamics, and RNASeq data analysis, to develop more effective drugs for cancer treatment, and identify new biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. My work in these areas helps to advance our understanding of cancer biology and developing new approaches to cancer therapy.

In addition to my work, I enjoy spending my free time hiking and cycling.

Activity in NGSchool society

  • NGSchool2023: organizer