Karolina Sienkiewicz


  • Events:
    NGSchool2017, NGSchool2018, NGSchool2019, NGSeminars2020, NGSymposium2020, NGSeminars2021, NGSprint2021, NGSchool2022, NGSymposium2022, NGSchool2023
  • Role:
    speaker, organizer, participant
  • Affiliation:
    Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University, USA
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Activity in NGSchool society

  • Since 12.2022: President of NGSchool Society
  • NGSchool2023: organizer
  • 2020-2022: member of Audit Committee
  • NGSchool2022: organizer
  • NGSchool2022: speaker with lecture on Clustering in Computational Biology
  • NGSprint2021: organizer
  • NGSeminars2021: organizer
  • NGSymposium2020: chief organizer
  • NGSeminars2020: organizer
  • NGSeminars2020: speaker with seminar entitled R for Data Science (with tidyverse and ggplot2)