Are you already packed for #NGSchool2018? On the plane, train or bus - meet Andre Kahles, one of the speakers sharing with insight about his course!

With Andre about what is he going to introduce us with during this year NGSchool  

                                                                                                            talk Magdalena Płecha, Angelika Hałat and Natalia Zawrotna


Please let us introduce Andre Kahles, one of this year NGSchool speaker. He have worked on alternative splicing for quite some time now and really is looking forward to direct RNA-Sequencing and its implications for research on alternative splicing – especially in conjunction with cell sorting, single cell sequencing or even metagenomics! For Andre one of the most interesting topics is currently the access to very cheap DNA and RNA sequencing, which he sees as not only  a liberation of science but also as a possibility for smaller labs to carry out important experiments. Further, he thinks, it will bring sequencing much closer into application. Especially direct DNA and RNA sequencing open up many new possibilities that create interesting problems to be solved on the computer science side, such as storage, compression, search, visualization etc. During his presentation, he will talk about data structures that can be used to represent the sequence variability measured with such technologies.


Interview with Andre