Nikolay Kulemin, #NGSchool2018 speaker, shares with his NGS ideas to encourage us in our scientific motivations

About Nick's scientific motivations and his approach to NGS technology

                                                                                                            talk Magdalena Płecha, Angelika Hałat and Natalia Zawrotna


Please let us introduce Nikolay Kulemin, one of this year NGSchool speaker. Nick thinks that at the present time scientists are able to analyze genomic data and form statements – associations (family analysis, GWAS). But in fact, these studies do not bring any benefit to potential patients. Therefore, the main problem should be considered as the development of areas of application of specific research results to improve the health and quality of life of all living on the planet. He is also a fun of such approach where any protocol of sequencing can be applied, when making it possible to implement our ideas. One of the important feature of NGS analyzes, apart from price and accuracy is the analysis time, which should also be considered when deciding on the technology. Nick is convincing us that implementation of such ideas leads to either an amazing success or to study something new and understanding what exactly we were wrong about before.


Review with Nikolay Kulemin