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Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis (#NGSchool)

What’s NGSchool?

#NGSchool is a summer school in bioinformatics, aimed at researchers in the early stage of their careers, while being open to strongly motivated applications with any background. Our goal is to close the gap in the field of genomics between Western and Central & Eastern Europe, and boost research & development (R&D) in developing countries. The upcoming edition - #NGSchool2018: SMRT and personalised medicine will be focused on Single-Molecule Real-Time Sequencing (SMRT) and precision medicine

This year in addition to hands-on workshops and lectures, #NGSchool will host a MinION hackathon. Portable, single-molecule sequencing is the technology of today and tomorrow. Its countless applications, especially in precision medicine, stimulate the imagination - sequencing can now reach beyond the sophisticated labs. We plan to undertake a project of sequencing and de novo assembling the genomes of previously unsequenced organisms.

Participants will be divided into small groups and each project will be assigned a mentor, an expert from the field. Students will conduct the whole experiment, starting from sample preparation, through sequencing and data analysis to report writing. The number of groups will be determined based on availability of equipment and resources. Importantly, sequenced genomes will be deposed in the public database and the reports and results will be published.

How many people will attend?

#NGSchool2018 will be attended by 60 participants (40 students and 20 lecturers). In the previous editions of the summer school (2016, 2017) we have received 290 applications in total from 42 countries. Thanks to the popularity of the school and our social media campaign we expect even more applications in 2018.

#NGSchool community is interdisciplinary, which results in interesting discussions and brings future experts from diverse disciplines together. The participants #NGSchool represent various branches of Science, including biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, computer science and related disciplines.


What are the expected outputs?

While this is educational project, its outputs are not limited to education. The participants interacts with excellent researchers, thus they have unique opportunity to exchange ideas with experts. Moreover, this project expose the participants to other young investigators using similar techniques and most likely facing similar problems in their professional life. During the #NGSchool2016, we have created a new platform for exchanging ideas and seeking support for rapidly growing NGS and bioinformatics community in V4 countries. 
Finally, this is great networking opportunity for future experts from the fields of bioinformatics, genomics and personalised medicine. We believe that this event will result in new, fascinating collaborative projects across V4 and beyond. 

Why is it important?

We are living in very fascinating moment in the history, so-called Genomics Era, when obtaining the whole genome sequence of any individual becomes trivial task at affordable cost. Personalised medicine, a health-care system in which medical decisions and health-care products are tailored for the individuals based on their predicted response or risk of disease, is just around the corner. It is crucial to train the future experts, that will drive this revolution in our region. 

Will you continue the course in the following years?

This is the first event of its kind in Central Europe. We plan to organise this summer school as a series of events, repeated on annual basis. Every year we will adopt the course programme accordingly to the feedback and experience from preceding years. Accordingly, we will invite experts in relevant fields of interest. 

The very first Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis (#NGSchool2016) was held on August 14-21, 2016 in Dolný Smokovec, SlovakiaThe second event, #NGSchool2017, was held on Sep 10-17 2017 in Jachranka k/WarszawyThe second event, #NGSchool2017, was held on Sep 10-17 2017 in Jachranka k/Warszawy. Currently we're working on #NGSchool2018 that will focus on Personalised medicine & single-molecule sequencing. In addition, for the first time we'll organise hackatons (Single-molecule sequencing: from sample to results) and  co-organise sattelites meetings: `Nuclear landscapes` and `Data mining & machine learning`. 

    Who is supporting this initiative? 

    #NGSchool2016 was financially supported by grant from International Visegrad Fund (Standard Grant No. 21610099) and International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw. #NGSchool2017 was financially supported by grant from International Visegrad Fund and DUN grant from Polish Ministry of Science & Higher Education. Currently we are looking for funding for #NGSchool2018. Finally, none of these would be possible without help and effort of endless number of people that are listed on project partners page

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