Fritz Sedlazeck, #NGSchool2018 speaker, talks about his research inspirations

About Fritz's scientific motto and much more

                                                        talk Magdalena Płecha, Angelika Hałat and Natalia Zawrotna


Please let us introduce Fritz Sedlazeck, one of this year NGSchool speaker. Since starting his PhD he has been fascinated by the genomic variability between cells, tissues, individuals and species. Fritz is convinced that the variations that we are currently observing is just a fraction of those responsible for certain phenotypes. Thus, we are either missing information over repetitive regions, where long reads might help, but furthermore low frequency mutations (i.e. mosaic variations) that can only be picked up with large coverage or single cell applications. Fritz’s research group is currently investigating how long reads can be leverage for population scale analysis and how to recover haplotype information.


Interview with Fritz Sedlazeck