Popular science blogs supported promotion of the #NGSchool2018!

About wonderful cooperation in the spirit of #openscience write Magdalena Płecha and Angelika Hałat


In the last few months, the #NGSchool2018 Organizing Committee was doing their best to share and spread the information about the registration to the upcoming event in Lublin: Nanopore sequencing & personalised medicine. It was very intensive time for our organizing team, due to the main goal of the registration period: ‘reach to as many people as possible to give them opportunity to get know the foundation and the course, to have a chance to register and participate as it can be beneficial in young researchers scientific development’.

It can be extremely hard to find the optimal channels reaching scientists from Visegrád countries as well as from all over the globe. However, the #NGSchool organizers were not alone in that difficult task. We found the supportive background to push the foundation initiative this year few steps forward in reaching potentially interested researchers.

Popular science blogs from few countries put attention on their websites to notice #NGSchool2018 meeting. It was wonderful cooperation and we are looking forward to stay in touch as well as keep all of the followers updated with the news from both sides.  

The special thanks go to Polish popular science blogs:

#Nauka Głupcze ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/NaukaGlupcze/about/?ref=page_internal) – reaching 42 k of followers

#Polska Sieć kobiet Nauki (https://www.facebook.com/PolskaSiecKobietNauki/?fref=mentions) – 10 k of funs

#Michał Żmihorski blog (http://zmihor.blogspot.com/) - 10 k range

#Badnia net (https://www.facebook.com/badania.net/) - 8 k scope

#Studenckie koło naukowe biotechnologów w Toruniu (https://www.facebook.com/Biotechnologiathoruniensis/)

#Student studentowi chce przekazać... Grupa UJ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/895459573957044/)

#Wydział Nauk Biologicznych UZ (https://www.facebook.com/wnbuz?q=%2Fpl%2Ffacebook%2F&)

#Centrum Nauk Biologiczno-Chemicznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (https://www.facebook.com/CNBChUW/?fref=mentions)

and equally to blogs of external range:

#Bioinformatics Institute Институт биоинформатики (https://www.facebook.com/bioinforussia/) – St. Petersburg Bioinformatics Institute (Russia)


The registration lasts to Monday 2nd of July! Do not miss it!