Jul'18 webstats: #NGSchool reached 118 countries

#NGSchool reached 118 countries already.

We have served over 12k users worldwide. Top countries and cities in terms of number of users are listed on the right.

Our mission is to provide excellent and affordable training in Bioinformatics for participants from developing countries, especially from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEES). We're really happy to see that Eastern Europe is by far the top region in number of users served (over 4,600), followed by Western Europe and Northern America (both over 1,500 users). Our initial idea was to bring together early-stage researchers selected primarily from CEES and world class experts selected mainly from Western countries. It's great to see our idea works pretty well in practice!

Still there are couple of grey spots, especially in Africa. Please, help us to reach to those countries.


We observe peaks in our users activity in Spring (the registration to #NGSchool main events takes place around Apr-Jun) and in Aug/Sep, when main events take place. This year for the first time we have more active promotion campaign, which resulted in higher traffic compared to previous years.

Above data represent period from the beginning of #NGSchool website activity (May 2016) till publication of this article (18 Jul 2018).