Vivat March for science!

March for science! 

About this hot April science popularizing event reports Magdalena Płecha

‘March for science’ (‘Marsz dla nauki’) took place on the 22nd of April in Warsaw. This wonderful science popularization initiative was proposed in Poland for the first time last year. Unfortunately previously the event did not reach wider audience. However this year, the situation changed. Yesterday we witnessed the blooming scientific hearts gathered together in one of the Warsaw biggest parks, Pola Mokotowskie.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and engagement of the organizers, the event was communicated to the public via media and social networks. The sound of this initiative was enough to encourage not only distinguished Polish scientists and younger researchers but also people interested in and concentrating on scientific as well as education matters, such as loud vaccination problem we have been experiencing recently in Poland.

Truly, the list of topics, no matter how complex or simple they are, is endless and the idea of march was to bring them all together to the public as a one sound. Therefore, we, the #NGSchool & Open Science Foundation organizers, could not miss the chance to be there, listen to scientists’ speeches and voices from the crowd while walking together bursting out in the name of science and research. It was also a great moment for the #NGSchool to meet friends from Biocentrum Ochota and other research institutions, exchange ideas and discuss the most hot scientific topics.

We can only wish that the next march will find us all as well as the public that much involved and eager to support this important initiative. Last but not least, I hope that the news about this Warsaw event will spread all around the country, gaining more attention for those who have not heard about it yet, making it more visible for the community as important date in the calendar.


We would like to express our huge gratitude to #marszdlanauki organizing committee for such a tremendous effort to make it happen! Thank you and hopefully see you next year!

In order to share `Marsz dla nauki` atmosphere, we have prepared short video report. Enjoy & pass along!