#NGSchool2018: Nanopore sequencing & personalised medicine

Dear all,

we are introducing a change in #NGSchool2018. In brief, we decided to rename the event.

- How come? – you will say. - Why? Only a MONTH before the end of registration?!

Yes, and we apologize for that. But the official topic from now on will be: #NGSchool2018: Nanopore sequencing & personalised medicine. We’ve only changed “SMRT“ to “Nanopore sequencing” so in the end the school is still devoted to long reads sequencing and personalised medicine (which does not imply “long reads sequencing IN personalised medicine).  So why?

We realised that to better match the scope of the school we should be more precise with the #NGSchool2018 title. Since we will be focusing on Nanopore sequencing, using SMRT sequencing in the title can be misleading. On top of that, did you know that SMRT means death in some languages? That’s why, as scientists ourselves, we decided to match the scope of the school with an appropriate title that is not associated with demise ;).

Hopefully, it will furthermore encourage you to attend #NGSchool2018. Since we will be focusing on Nanopore sequencing we will be able to cover the subject in great detail. And - of course - recent advances in genomics-based medicine (independent on sequencing platform) will also be covered.

Stay tuned!