How much does it cost?

The real cost of #NGSchool oscillates around €500-€600 per participant. We try to keep the registration fee as low as possible in order to accommodate participants from less developed countries and/or poorer regions. Every year, we do our bests to find external funding.

infographic explaining that the registration fee covers accommodation, meals, coffee breaks and course materials.

  • In 2016 we've received generous support for #NGSchool2016 from International Visegrad Fund, reducing registration fee to €50 and providing full boarding and travel grants (up to €100) to all participants.
  • In 2017, we've received the grant from International Visegrad Fund again, so the registration for #NGSchool2017 covering accommodation and full boarding was free of charge. In addition, thanks to partnership with Polish Bioinformatics Society we have received support from Ministry of Science and Higher Education RP to invite keynote speakers. 
  • In 2018, we've received Visegrad+ Grant for #NGSchool2018 from International Visegrad Fund. Visegrad+ grant covers the expenses of participants from V4 (Czechia, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia), Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). Registration fee (€100) will be used to provide travel grants for participants in difficult financial situation.
  • This year, we've applied for Visegrad+ Grant from International Visegrad Fund in order to secure affordable registration fee and provide travel grants.

Due to last moment cancellations of some #NGSchool2017 participants, we discontinue free-of-charge attendance. Starting in 2018, we're asking for symbolic registration fee, just to make sure that applicants are serious about attending.