Nuclear Landscapes 2018

The Nuclear Landscapes 2018 (NL'18) conference will explore the link between Human genome sequence, structure and its biological function. Chromatin higher-order organisation and three dimensional packing of DNA into nuclear volume is of paramount importance for understanding the very core processes of life at the cellular level and the mechanisms of the heredity at the population scale.

We invite the recognised researches in the field of chromatin spatial and temporal organisation. The conference will allow the leading experts to discuss recent scientific developments in 3D genomics, describe the established genomic-based experimental technologies, available software tools and algorithms, challenges that have to be addressed by advanced statistical methods, and finally the novel applications, especially in the personalized medicine context. 

The NL'18 conference will be held on 14-16 September 2018 at CeNT University of Warsaw, Poland (just before #NGSchool2018 summer school). 


Topics and keywords

Human genome, chromosomes, chromatin fiber, nucleus, nucleome, nucleosome, DNA, epigenomics, genomic domains, TADs, CTCF, RNAPOL2, chromatin loops

    Confirmed speakers

    • Matthias Bochtler, IIMCB, Warsaw, PL
    • Rafael Casellas, NIH, USA
    • Jerzy Dobrucki, UJ, Cracow, PL
    • Guillaume Filion, CRG, Barcelona, ES
    • Denes Hnisz, Max Planck Institute in Berlin, DE
    • Bożena Kamińska, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, PL
    • Noam Kaplan, Technion, Haifa, IL
    • Jan Komorowski, Uppsala University, SE
    • Adrianna Magalska, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, PL
    • Sergey Razin, IGB RAS, Moscow, RU
    • Jane Skok, NYU, USA
    • Charalampos Spilianakis, FORTH, Crete, GR
    • Joanna Sułkowska, CeNT, Warsaw, PL
    • Feng Yue, Pennsylvania State University, USA


    • Dariusz Plewczyński, CeNT UW, Poland
    • Noam Kaplan, Technion, Israel
    • Bartosz Wilczyński, MIM UW, Poland




    We'll open registration on 1st June 2018. Stay tuned!