Participant profile

#NGSchool is aiming to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills in Bioinformatics of all participants. The ideal participant should:

  • have basic understanding of Biology - be able to design and follow experiments, recognize the flaws in experimental design, understand the strengths and limitations of used methods;
  • have basic understanding of Statistics - understand the basic concepts such as probability, p-value, FDR, basic distributions and simple statistical tests;
  • have rudimentary knowledge of Bioinformatics - be able to write scripts, as well as design and follow bioinformatics pipelines;
  • use the skills later on and not be over-experienced. We want everybody to learn something new and use the knowledge later on. If you are experienced in most covered topics, please consider organising a workshop or becoming our partner.


We designed the registration form in a way that will help us assess how well the applicants match the ideal profile, but also to give the potential participants an idea of which areas and topics to revise before the school.

We wanted the form to be as simple as possible, while at the same time to enable a fair and informed selection process. We understand that filling the form might be time-consuming and, to allow you to work on it throughout the registration period, we provide an option to save an incomplete application. You may edit all the answers before the registration deadline.

We will publish the correct answers (and sample code for computational tasks) together with the detailed report on the scores after the registration deadline. The motivational part of the application will be assessed by the selection committee, and participants will be selected based on their motivation (⅖ of the final score) and answers to the questions (⅗ of the final score).



We will write to you with the selection results around May 15 informing you whether your application was successful, unsuccessful or put on a waiting list.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the registration process! Good luck! :)

Psst, if you have any questions or problems get in touch via this contact form.