#NGSchool2016: General NGS data analysis

Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis (NGSchool2016) will be held on August 14-21, 2016 in Dolný Smokovec, Slovakia. In the course of one week, the participants will attend the series of lectures and workshops, covering various aspects of Computational Biology, focusing on state-of-the-art techniques related to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and its application in research, health-care and industry. It is mainly addressed to students and researchers in early stage of their careers. Nevertheless, we invite also more advanced researchers to apply. 

The course will cover wide range of topics:

  • introduction to Linux and Bioinformatics focusing on NGS-related analyses
  • general handling of NGS data
    • data formats (FastQ, SAM, BAM, VCF)
    • Quality Control
  • de novo genome & transcriptome assembly
  • gene prediction and functional annotation
  • detection of SNPs & SVs (deletions, duplications, inversions, translocations)
    • prediction of functional effects of detected variants
  • RNA-Seq & differential expression analyses
  • bisulphite sequencing, ChIP-Seq & Hi-C data analysis
  • GWAS & integration of molecular data
  • applications of NGS in biomedicine

You will learn both, command-line (Linux) and online (Galaxy) tools. People having no prior experience with Bioinformatics are welcome, but strong motivation is desired! 
Participants should bring their own laptops with Ubuntu installed! We will provide some toy examples, but we encourage you to bring your own datasets. 
The course will be held in English.


You can find detailed programme draft below. We will have morning (9-13) and afternoon (14-18) sessions, with coffee breaks ~11:00 and ~16:00. Breakfast will be served from 8:00, lunch at 13:00 and dinner around 19:00. 

Day Time Activity Host
Day 0: Sunday      
  18:00 Welcome & Shot talks #1 Leszek Pryszcz
Day 1: Monday      
  9:00 Introduction to Linux Roman Cheplyaka
  14:00 Introduction to Bioinformatics & NGS Tomáš Vinař / Broňa Brejová
Day 2: Tuesday      
  9:00 Genome & transcriptome assembly Leszek Pryszcz / German Demidov
  14:00 Functional genome annotation Marina Marcet-Houben
  18:00 Introduction to Statistics & R German Demidov
Day 3: Wednesday      
  9:00 CNV detection German Demidov
  14:00 Differential expression Leszek Pryszcz
  18:00 Library construction for NGS Paulina Stachula
Day 4: Thursday      
  9:00 ChIP-seq Maciej Łapiński
  12:00 From ChIP-seq to Hi-C Bartek Wilczyński
  14:00 Bisulphite sequencing Russell Hamilton
  20:00 Shot talks #2 Leszek Pryszcz
Day 5: Friday      
  9:00 Molecular data integration Jacek Marzec
Day 6: Saturday      
  9:00 NGS & Biomedicine Sophia Derdak
Day 7: Sunday      
  9:00 Recap & farewell Leszek Pryszcz



You can find all #NGSchool2016 materials here


Social events

We'll organise set of social events, including BBQ nights, movie night, hiking in High Tatras and sightseeing (ie. ŁomnicaStrbske Pleso). We'll make sure, there is plenty of fun, beside hard working during workshops ;) 


You can find photos from all our events in the gallery and on Twitter #NGSchool2016.


Registration is now closed. We will repeat the course in 2017. You can express you interest in the next edition here

Registration will be opened between 1 May and 1 July 2016 (12:00 CET). The registration fee is €50. This will cover all expenses (materials, accommodation, meals and travel grant), thanks to generous support from International Visegrad Fund.

We will offer ~25 places. Successful applicants will be notified three weeks after registration deadline. 

To register follow this link

#NGSchool2016 in numbers

We have received over 80 applications from 15 countries (52 from V4), from these 30 applicants from 11 countries were selected by our Scientific committee. Selected participants represented several fields of Science (including biology, biochemistry, medicine, computer science and related disciplines) and stages of career (undergrad, master and PhD students, as well as, postdocs).